What's next?

Tips graphic Tips for speaking to your child's teacher:
  • Schedule an appointment to speak with your child's teacher before the school year begins. Make the teacher aware of your child's ADHD. Provide a copy of your child’s 504 Plan or IEP and ask the teacher to look over the accommodations.1,2
  • Make the teacher a part of the solution, and accept your responsibility as part of your child's education team.1
  • Provide the teacher with basic information about ADHD if they are not familiar with it.1
  • Let the teacher know what he or she is most likely to see in class. Does your child tend to talk out of turn? Is it hard to get your child back on track when his or her attention wanders?1,2
  • Ask for feedback about your child's progress, classroom performance, etc.1,2
  • Arrange regular meetings with your child's teacher to monitor his or her progress and review if accommodations are working.1,2
Individuals thinking and questioning
How parents, caregivers, and family members can help a child manage his or her ADHD at home:
  • Be supportive
  • Praise good behavior
  • Limit distractions in surroundings
  • Maintain a consistent, organized schedule
  • Make sure they get enough sleep
  • Make sure they eat balanced and nutritious meals
  • Make sure they get enough physical activity

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